Five young rock stars, from the successful band “Alter Ego”, blinded by the spotlights, the cheers and the sense of being worshiped face their fears, their desires and their true selves. Stephanos, the guitarist of the band, lives in his own, shiny world. He is blinded by fame and success, but always a part of him feels incomplete, until a series of events, involving pain and love, change him forever.

Cast: Sakis Rouvas, Doretta Papadimitriou, Danai Skiadi, Alexandros Logothetis, Kostis Kalivretakis, Dimitris Kouroubalis, Laerits Mlkotsis, Mary Lousi, Evdokia Statiri.

Screenplay – Direction: Nikolas Dimitropoulos

Sound: Nikos Papadimitriou

Costumes: Christina Xantzaridou

Make-up Artist: Evi Zafiropoulou

Stills Photografer: Nikos Nikolopoulos

Line Producer: Giorgos Riggas

Art Direction: Dimitris Katsikis

Direction of Photography: Dionisis Kitsikis

Editing: Giorgos Mouropsaridis

Script: Vana Dimitriou,Nikolas Dimitropoulos

Music: Soumka

Production supervisors: Artemis Skouloudi, Rene Massara

Associate Producer: Sakis Rouvas LTD

Executive Production: Yiannis Iakovidis – Black Orange Productions S.A

Producer: Lily Papadopoyloy

Executive Producer: Haris Antonopoulos

Production: Village Roadshow Productions S.A