Two brothers, Michalis and Nondas, work at an office that takes under funerals and they are blinded by the idea of making huge money. In addition to that, Nondas is in trouble with the mafia and has to assemble immediately a, not at all negligible, sum of money to deliver. Thus, he proposes to Michalis that they should rob banks. However, luck is not much with them, since the head of the police department, in order to face the rapid increase of criminality has begun to place secret police officers in every bank, making the task of the two brothers even more difficult. The situation gets out of control when Michalis meets the love of his life who is a bank employee, with a particularly traditional family and personality… BANK BANG is a crazy comedy where no one is what they seem to be, no one does what they are supposed to do and they suffer consequences that you wouldn’t even wish for your worst enemy! Would you miss that?

Cast: Vassilis Charalampopoulos, Costas Voutsas, Dimitris Imelos, Marissa Triantafillidou, Mihalis Iatropoulos, Tzeni Mpotsi, Thanos Samaras, Gerasimos Skiadaressis, Dimitris Mavropoulos, Alexandros Milonas, Ieronimos Kaletsanos, Drosos Skotis, Katerina Mavrogeorgi, Costas Ksikomninos

Guest Stars: Eleni Randou, Orfeas Avgoustidis, Yiannis Tsimitselis, Errikos Litsis

Script: Vassilis Charalampopoulos

Direction: Argyris Papadimitropoulos

Direction of Photography: Christos Karamanis

Sound: Stefanos Efthimiou

Costumes: Dimitris Papathomas

Art Direction: Vaggelis Kirozis

Make-up Artist: Evi Zafiropoulou

Stills Photografer: Myrto Apostolidou

Line Producer: Giorgos Riggas

Editing: Giorgos Mavropsaridis

Music: Soumka

Co-producers: Village Productions, Doretta Papadimitriou, Lowell Limited, Terra Incognita Productions, Oxymoron Films

Supervising Producers: Gregory Komninos, Artemis Skouloudi

Executive Production: Black Orange Productions S.A

Executive Producers: Lily Papadopoulos, Harry Antonopoulos

Producer: Yiannis Iakovidis