A boat full of melancholic women, a variety of races and nationalities, expectations and cultural elements from East and West, travels to the hope of a better tomorrow, a trip to the internal distress, the pain and the ferocity of that days to weight of defenceless souls that fight and endure. Among the 700 candidate brides that travel with the ocean liner to the other side of the Atlantic, there is a revolutionairy woman from Samothrace called Niki that from the first moment will feel something special for a fellow-citizen of her, the melancholic photographer Norman.

Cast: Damian Lewis, Victoria Haralabidou, Andréa Ferréol, Evi Saoulidou, Steven Berkoff, Dimitri Katalifos, Irini Iglesi, Apostolis Totsikas, Evelina Papoulia

Directed by: Pantelis Voulgaris

Production: Kappa Production: Martin Scorsese- U.S.A

Line Producer: Yiannis Iakovidis – Costas Kefalas

Screenplay: Ioanna Karistiani

Cinematography: Giorgos Arvanitis

Music: Stamatis Spanoudakis

Editing: Takis Giannopoulos

Art Director: Dimitris Katsikis

Costume Design: Eva Nathena, Damianos Zarifis

Sound Recording: Nikos Papadimitriou

Stills Photografer: Nicos Nikolopoulos

Production Supervisor: Scorsese Martin

Executive Producer: Costas Labropoulos

Producers: Barbara De Fina, Pantelis Voulgaris, Terry Doygas