The movie is about a modern story that follows the relationship between a widower fisherman and his 14th years old son. The premature death of his wife was too tough for him. As a result the father has become estranged from his son and the rest of the village. The appearance of a small pelican who becomes “best friends” with the young boy brings upheaval to the small local community and is crucial to the development of the relationship between the father and the son. Basically it is a deeply human and tender juvenile story that records the life of a Greek teenager, through his friendship with the bird, his relationship with his father (Emir Kusturica) and his first love as well. The film’s looking is romantic and human and the aesthetic is a blend of austere, warm and welcoming Greece of 70’s despite acting at the present.

Starring: Εmir Kusturica, Francois – Xavier Demaison, Thibault Le Guellec, Jade Rose Parker,Valeriane De Villeneuve, Gennadios Patsis,

Playing in alphabetical order: Stilianos Iakovidis,Monica Mac Shane, Vicky Maragaki, Sokratis Patsikas, Ntinos Pontikopoulos, Dimitris Sarakizoglou,

Art Direction: Kiki Pitta

Production Manager: George Filias

Director of Photography: Michel Amathieu

Sound Design: Panagiotis Calanzopoulos

Script: Olivier Horlait & Eric Boisset

Direction: Olivier Horlait

Line Producer: Philippe Gautier

Co-Producer: Alain Grandgerard,Yiannis Iakovidis, Stéphane Meterfi, Serge De Poucques, Sylvain Goldberg


Distribution for Greece: Feel Good Entertainment

Global distribution: Warner Bros