Yiannis and Sophia are two youngsters who are so unlucky… to get in love with each other. Their parents have multiple…. ischemic attacks only by hearing about this relationship, the neighbors change side on the street when they meet them, the older demand the closing of the bars where they go to enjoy themselves and every member of the society without exception wants to get rid of them and their equals… But why this hatched relationship is confronted like a crime? Which is its…defect? That they are straight! Yiannis and Sophia had the luck…to be born in a different world than ours, where the normal thing is to get in love, get married and make families only with persons of the same sex. The families are consisted only by moms or dads and whoever dares to claim that also… the dissimilar attract gets in the “black” list.

Cast: Christos Chadjipanayiotis, Vladimiros Kiriakidis, Anthimos Ananiadis, Canelina Menouti, Meni Konstantinidou, Christos Giannaris

Guest Stars: Thodoris Atheridis, Alekos Sissovitis, Elisavet Konstantinidoy

Screenplay – Direction: Efi Mouriki, Vladimiros Kiriakidis

Producer: Panos Papachatzis

Co-Producer: Pantelis Mitropoulos

Executive Producer: Yiannis Iakovidis – Black Orange S.A.

Executive Producer: Dimitris Sountris

Direction of Photography: Simos Sarketzis

Music: C:REAL

Editing: Yiannis Katsampoulas

Art Direction: Constantinos Papageorgiou

Costumes: Agis Panayotou

Sound: Stefanos Efthumiou

Sound Design: Stefanos Ganos

Sound Mixing: Costas Varimpompiotis

Make-up Artist: Teresa Nicolson

Stills Photografer: Canaris Tsiganos

Production Manager: Giorgos Riggas

Production: Argonautes S.A.

In Co-Production with: Prooptiki S.A./ Audiovisual A.E,Nova, Attica S.A., Ioannis Mitropoulos & Company E.P.E., Black Orange A.E.

Distribution: Prooptiki S.A./ Audiovisual S.A.