Pashalis is a agriculturalist, around 30 years old who is about to get married to his beloved, Anthoula, in Milos island. By mistake, he will be stuck in a boat to another island, Sifnos, where he will meet Zoe, a beautiful, but strange photographer, who is heading to Sifnos for her own ’’suspicious” reasons… Things will get out of hand, when Pashalis will realize that due to a costal navigation strike he cannot reach Milos for his wedding! His hopes rise again, when along with Zoe they meet a couple in Sifnos that does everything in its power to help him find ways to reach his future wife! Will he manage to be there before the priest starts the ceremony? Nevertheless, many unexpected mix-ups will lead to many plot twists, funny incidents and “guilty” revelations… An innovative comedy with a subversive plot. Mystery, intrigue, love and friendship, all mixed up in a pot of laughter that conveys rich summer breeze, and with a background of beautiful beaches and graphical, traditional, desert chapels.

Cast: Laertis Malkotsis, Katerina Papoutsaki, Zeta Douka, Katerina Mantziou, Christos Tripodis, Parthena Chorozidou

Guest Star: Themos Anastasiadis

As Amfilochios: Sakis Boulas

As Tassos: Yiannis Zouganelis

Sound Engineer: Stefanos Efthimiou

Fashion Designers: MI-RO

Costume Designer: Zoe Xanthi

Make-up Artist: Evi Zafiropoulou

Hair Stylist: Chronis Tzimos

Art Director: Kostas Markis

Director of Photography: Steven Priovolos

Editing: Stamatis Margetis

Original Score: Soumka

Production Manager: Dimitris Kontoyiannis, Errikos Bary

Supervising Producer: Gregory Komninos

Line Producer: Yiannis Iakovidis

Co-Producer: Black Orange S.A

Associate Producer: Themos Anastasiadis

Producer: Lily Papadopoulou

Executive Producer: Harry Antonopoulos

Written and Directed by: Nikos Zapatinas